I bought a Subaru that was made in Japan. Where I live a front license plate is required. To my surprise I learned holes would need to be drilled into my new vehicle. This seemed wrong considering there was already two perfectly good holes in the bumper from the factory. I also considered I may want to move to a one-plate-state in the future. I decided not to damage the bumper with unsightly screw holes. Premium automakers usually provide a means to attach just about any type of license plate without drilling. I wanted this option for my Subaru.

I went online looking for a way to mount my license plate without drilling. I found products some going for $85 that mounted a license plate to a specific vehicle. Of the two products I found for a vehicle with a Japanese bumper. I bought the one that looked most promising, however it was difficult to install because the fasteners were not the right size and the design was lacking. One issue was, if I didn't use a license plate frame the license plate screws would come in contact with the bumper. So I decide to develop my own kit that would allow me to mount my license plate without any hassle. The kit you find on this website is the result of this effort.